About Us


Achieve Fitness Studio in Lakewood, Ohio, offers personal training and small group fitness training that is perfect for achieving your health and fitness goals. Our more than 25 years of experience provides you with an unmatched level of fitness knowledge and training skill.

Our 2,700 square-foot space is conveniently located on the border of Rocky River and Lakewood.  Here you will find the tools, support and motivation to achieve a total body transformation.

Let us help you reach your mental and physical fitness goals!

Versatile Training Space

Our versatile training space is outfitted with two private training areas and a large class area with TRX, heavy bags and state of art workout equipment.  In addition, the facility offers a private shower with organic skin and hair care products.

Private Training

In one-on-one sessions our trainers custom tailor a progressive program to help you reach your full potential and exceed your goals.  You will be inspired and empowered to stay on track, so you can have the best results.  Our trainers stay on the leading edge of fitness education and techniques so we can create a innovative experience that evolves with you.

Small Group Training

Small group training is designed to give you the elements of private training, giving you a maximum workout in a semi-private setting.  You will work in a group of 4-6, alongside a personal trainer.

Fitness Classes

Achieve Fitness Studio offers a variety of fitness classes for all levels, including boxing, TRX, and weight lifting classes to name a few. Class times range throughout the day from 5:45am to 6:30pm.

Nutritional Coaching

If you are finally ready for real sustainable change, this program is for YOU! We will work with you to examine all the factors – work, love, family and more – that may be holding you back from achieving and maintaining peace with food, your body, and lifestyle.

Our work together will provide skills to set and keep intentions, introduction to new foods, ways to practice new habits, and a solid foundation to a lighter body and life.

Our commitment is to work side by side with you, so you can stay focused and excited in your pursuit of optimal health!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay per class rather than a having a membership?

Yes, we have a drop-in rate of $17 per class.

How do I schedule classes and private training?

You can see the full class schedule and book your class or session at Mind Body here.  You are also welcome to call the studio to book by phone.

Where should I park?

There is free public parking just west of the studio at Blackbird Baking Company.  Achieve Fitness Studio clients also have access to metered parking on Detroit Avenue.

Is Achieve Fitness Studio for men as well?

Of course! Everyone is welcome, and we routinely have men and women attending private training and fitness classes at Achieve

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