Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

Stay in, work out. Virtual private training via your smart phone, tablet, or laptop with Lisa, in the comfort of your own home. Prior to your first virtual private training session, a customized workout program is designed by Lisa to support your body and meet your physical goals. This design process begins with a virtual consultation meeting with Lisa at a scheduled date and time.

New Clients

We offer single virtual private training sessions and packages of virtual private training sessions. Every new virtual private training client must purchase and attend a virtual consultation with Lisa. Following the virtual consultation, a customized workout program is designed for the client. The first virtual private training session will be scheduled after the customized private training program is created.

How it Works

  • Submit the New Client Virtual Private Training Request Form to schedule a virtual consultation with Lisa.
  • You will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your virtual consultation.
  • The virtual consultation with Lisa will be scheduled and completed.
  • Lisa will create your custom virtual private training program.
  • You will be contacted to schedule your virtual private training session(s).
  • Virtual private training consultations and sessions are available from 7AM – 3PM Monday – Friday

Virtual Training Packages

  • 30-minute virtual body consultation: $40
  • Single virtual private training session (30 minutes): $40
  • 8 virtual private training sessions (30 minutes): $320
  • 10 virtual private training sessions (30 minutes): $400
  • 12 virtual private training sessions (30 minutes): $480


    Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Personal Training

    Should you hire an online personal trainer?

    If you‘re looking for a convenient way to get fit and healthy, as well as have a workout schedule at a click‘s notice, online personal training is for you. Online fitness coaching is fantastic for people of all fitness levels, backgrounds, and who have all kinds of goals. Working digitally with a real personal trainer can be that gateway to a real-life relationship using a virtual medium to bring you convenience and effectivity, all online.

    Will an online personal trainer help me lose weight?

    If one of your goals is to lose weight, having an expert in your corner that has the expertise and knowledge to get you there can be extremely effective. Handling weight-loss on your own can be frustrating and dangerous, hiring a personal trainer can help you lose the weight—and keep it off in a safe way.

    Why should I try online personal training?

    Not only is having a personal trainer online play to a convenience factor, having an expert a phone call, text or video chat away is a fast and effective way to help reach your goals.