Lisa Desico-Boyd

Lisa DeSico-Boyd

Lisa Desico-Boyd

Owner, Certified Personal Trainer


Kirtland, Ohio

Certifications: CPT, NESTA, AFAA, FiTour, Les Mills, Spinning, Boxing

Specializations: Strength Training, Group Fitness, Mental Health, Weight Management, Healthy Lifestyle

Sexually abused as a young girl, Lisa had no self-esteem, zero confidence, and at times wanted to end her life. In college, Lisa went for professional help and started strength training. Working out helped with her self-esteem and confidence. She was empowered. Through fitness, she was stronger, mentally and physically.

Lisa has helped many others do the same. Being in the fitness business over 20 years, she knows the frustration of being overweight, riddled with anxiety and feeling like things will never change and a healthy lifestyle is unattainable. She believes that everyone has their own journey and she is here to help you overcome your own obstacles.

Lisa has trained with clients of all fitness levels. She has also worked with those going through anxiety, depression, obesity, sex abuse, anorexia and transgender transitioning.

Lisa focuses on you becoming the best version of yourself. Her style is all about motivating, breaking barriers and feeling empowered. When you train with Lisa you can expect to be challenged mentally and physically to become a stronger, healthier you.