Daily Workout

In Lifestyle | on October 20, 2016

Today’s Workout

Today we are making a booty call.

Feel free to do this workout in the morning or evening.  Its totally up to you.  You also maybe wondering how much weight to use.  Make sure you use a weight that is challenging but also allows you to complete all your reps with proper form.  Have fun and get your sweat on.

We get a lot of question on what to do for cardio.  For today, hop on the treadmill and get 30 minutes of slow, steady cardio.  Tomorrow we will HIT it up a notch.


Workout: 5 Total Body Moves + 30 Minutes of Cardio

Do each exercise 3 times, 15 reps each.  Side Lunges do 15 reps each side.

Exercise 1: Squats


Exercise 2: Hip Thrusts

Exercise 3: Static Lunges

Exercise 4: Side Lunges

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