Katy’s Incredible 10lb Weight-Loss

In Transformations | on October 24, 2016

We are so happy and thrilled with Katy’s 10lb Weight-loss in only 6 weeks.

If Katy can do it so can you!

“I am a long time client of Achieve Fitness Studio, and my weight has always been stayed fairly steady. This last spring, however, after a winter of too much snacking I noticed my weight had crept up to where I felt frankly plump. I mentioned it to Bonnie Mitchell that I was fed up with it and needed some advice on how to address it. My activity level was going to stay the same so I needed to look at how I was eating (note I did not say “put me on a diet.” The word “diet” just makes me hungry and anxious)

She weighed me and figured out the number of calories I needed to eat per day that would allow me to lose weight safely. I was a bit skeptical that it would work for me but I was willing to try. I did not follow any special diet or eat packaged food–I looked at what I usually eat and made up a list with calorie counts by portion sizes, and did a daily–honest!–food journal. It was easy to adjust my daily calorie intake to fit the number Bonnie gave me. I ate a good breakfast and lunch, and made sure I got a good snack at 3 or 4. Dinner was light and I had a very light snack just before bed. I did splurge a bit here and there as life is short and sometimes you just have to have what you want.

I was a bit hungry at first, but I was determined –and sick of feeling pudgy–to see if this would work. And it did! I weighed myself in the morning daily and over 4-5 weeks I lost 10 pounds and feel much better. After the first few pounds came off, there was even more incentive to continue as I was seeing results.

I also realized several things. One, that I was comfortable with fewer calories per day than I thought. Two, a lot of emotional eating was happening–anxiety, boredom, tiredness–and I needed to develop other ways of ways of dealing with those without food. Three, the dangerous overeating times for me late afternoon and evening, and I need to be prepared by planning ahead.

I recently had some personal challenges in that a family member was injured and due to anxiety and stress some of my old eating habits resurfaced. Those tendencies will always be there. But I am now more aware of them and I feel better equipped to maintain my weight, especially since I know how good it feels to be at a good weight for me.

Throughout the process Bonnie and Lisa were helpful and supportive and ready to offer advice. Thanks guys!”



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